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For more information call Stephen Christopher @ (334) 277-3166 or ElvisOnAir@aol.com


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Following that dream…

The Legacy of Elvis Presley lives on with millions
of Elvis fans

Always Live... Always At Your Location

Co-hosted by Elvis-expert Steve Christopher, from Montgomery, Alabama, working with your local on the air personality, Elvis On The Air combines a broad and insightful selection of Elvis music, Elvis related interviews, news and trivia. Christopher has traveled the world with the show, frequently calling to Graceland for live interviews with staff members.

Elvis On The Air generates excitement and audience reaction because… once an hour Steve opens the phone lines with a "Stump the Expert" challenge: If a caller requests a legitimate Elvis release that Steve can’t play, he’ll give your listener a brand new car - or another prize with a value up to $30,000! Combine that with the great sounds of Elvis, and your station has the best radio promotion of the year!


Born in 1957, Steve has been an Elvis fan since age 5 when he saw his first Elvis movie, "It Happened At The World’s Fair." From then on, every birthday, Christmas, and straight ‘A’ report card, meant a new Elvis album. "Elvis had a certain type of charisma that can only be defined as magic. I’ve seen people who weren’t really Elvis fans, walk into one of his concerts and then come out with nothing but praise. I can’t explain it, it’s undefinable."

Carol Butler, director of worldwide licensing at EPE says, "Steve has been known to the estate for some time, and we consider him truly an expert on facts about Elvis and his music. We’ve heard a lot of other shows, but none are live with a host that can’t be stumped."


E-mail Steve: ElvisOnAir@aol.com

Elvis On The Air
Stephen Christopher
9279 Harrington Circle              Montgomery, AL 36117
Phone: (334) 277-3166          Fax: (334) 260-9653

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