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For more information call Stephen Christopher @ (334) 277-3166 or ElvisOnAir@aol.com


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TVGUIDE5.jpg (130867 bytes)Is Elvis Presley Hot Today?
TV Guide's Entertainer of the Century!
Time Magazine's #2 Entertainer of the Century!
VH1's #2 Entertainer of the Century!
VH1's 100 Greatest Rock & Roll Songs: 4
Jailhouse Rock #18 Hound Dog #31
All Shook Up #68 Heartbreak Hotel #71

American Music Awards Poll
     Best Artist of the Fifties!
A&E's Top 100 People of the Century
     Number 57!
ABC's Top 24 People of the Century!
Elvis' at Super Bowl 36!
Sold-out "Elvis-The Concert" 2000
     European Tour
AP's Video Of The Week 1/17/2000!
                                 Philadelphia's Top Artist of the Century!
                                       (WOGL/Oldies 98)
                                 People Magazine's Album Of
                                       the Week 1/31/2000!

Everyday there's something about Elvis in the news.


Put Elvis On The Air!
World-renowned Elvis Expert Steve Christopher will bring his show Elvis On The Air live to your station.

Major Cash Giveaway!
Be on the air with BIG DOLLARS! Imagine running promos for listeners to win $50,000 in cash or prizes!

On-Air Benefits
Major Prize! $50,000
Solidify the
"Oldies expert" position
Increase Cume

Increase Time Spent Listening
Recycle listeners to the show
Build listenership for the Air
Sales Opportunities
Show Sponsorship
"Stump the Elvis Expert"
     Contest Sponsorship
Trivia Contest Sponsorship

Show from Sponsor Location
Sponsor Appearances
Show Formats
Elvis' 38 top 10 Hits
Elvis' 50 Gold & Platinum Singles
Highlights of Elvis' Top 40 Singles
Elvis A to Z

Best of the Elvis Movie Songs
Elvis Country Hits
Elvis "Live" Hits
"Who Wants To Be An Elvis-aire???"

Stump the Elvis Expert and win $50,000 in cash or prizes! Listeners make an Elvis request... if Steve can't play it... they win!

Steve Christopher will bring these
     Elvis Giveaways:

Elvis CD's
Elvis Movies
Elvis On The Air T-Shirts
Graceland Passes

Elvis Cigars
Elvis Books
Many other Elvis prizes
 Officially endorsed by Graceland/The Elvis Presley Estate!

     Steve is the Elvis expert... not to be confused with an Elvis impersonator. He doesn't sing or talk like Elvis nor wear a white jump suit.
     Steve is the world's only traveling Elvis expert... available to be on the air on your station.
     Steve selects the music in a fast-paced show tailored to your station. The song selection can be as limited or as wide as you wish. Steve takes listener requests throughout the show, and tailor the ones he uses to your guidelines. Elvis theme shows are ready to go.
     Steve sounds great on the air... pleasing voice, upbeat, confident and professional. Steve interacts easily with your air talent and your listeners... especially on live calls.
     Steve is well-versed in today's radio mechanics. He makes your air talent the star. Steve understands programming elements and consistency.
     During the show Steve answers listener questions about Elvis, either live or recorded.
     Show length can be one to four hours. The show is all Elvis music tailored to your specifications.
     Your station and your air talent will become Elvis experts in your market.
Schedule Elvis On The Air around significant Elvis events in your market... an Elvis concert date in your market would be a natural... or events in Elvis' life.
     Devoting 1-4 hours to Elvis music may seem scarey... all the stations who have done this show regularly say the benefits far outweigh any perceived first-time risk.
     As Mikey says... "Try it... you'll like it!"


     Yes, the hard part. How do you make money from this show?
     Contest sponsorship. The biggie. Steve Christopher has a $50,000 bond in case he can't fulfill the Elvis request. This bond will pay for your sponsor's products up to $50,000. There is absolutely no liability to the sponsors or your station.
     What could be the prize? Cash, Cars, Homes, a Shopping Spree, Travel Trailers, Trips... anything valued to $50,000.
     Show sponsorship. Sell the on air show to one or several sponsors.
     Hourly Elvis Trivia sponsors.
     Appearances. Listeners flock to Steve Christopher appearances to talk about Elvis and listen to his music. Before or after the show, Steve Christopher can interact with listeners and play music at one or more of your clients.
     Steve Christopher can appear at an event you have scheduled.
     Elvis On The Air has sales packets with sponsorship categories, ideas and presentations.


     As many times as you wish during the show, Steve Christopher will take listener requests for a legitimately released Elvis song... either a single or an album cut.
     If Steve can't immediately play the song for the listener on the air, that listener will win $50,000 in cash or prizes!
     Steve can also make this challenge during appearances before or after the show.
     The contest format could be progressive... with prizes building to the $50,000 request. Listeners could be pre-qualified. Or a simple "caller 13". The more the excitement builds, the longer your time spent listening.
     In this day of significant prizes, a $50,000 prize may be out of reach financially for your station. This is a guaranteed big-sounding promotion.

Endorsed by E. Alvin Davis and Associates!

 Put Elvis /On The Air!

E-mail Steve: ElvisOnAir@aol.com

Elvis On The Air
Stephen Christopher
9279 Harrington Circle              Montgomery, AL 36117
Phone: (334) 277-3166          Fax: (334) 260-9653

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