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WHEREAS, Stephen D. Christopher, has agreed to provide his

"Elvis On The Air" radio show for the benefit of ___________ in

_________________ on _____________, and, whereas

____________ has agreed to compensate Christopher for his

services, both parties now confirm in writing the underlying

considerations of this agreement.

Steve Christopher agrees to provide the following in person:

     a. Complete collection of Elvis Presley music.

     b. Trivia questions for audience participation.

     c. Interviews with parties associated with Elvis Presley's career

         or Graceland personnel.

     d. Services for co-hosting the program.

In consideration of the services outlined above, ________ agrees to

provide the following:

     a. Talent Compensation for the show is $__________ .

     b. Travel expenses in the amount of $__________.

     c. A deposit of $_________ is due with return of contract and a

         balance of $________ to be paid before the beginning of the


     d. Overnight hotel accommodations if necessary.

     e. Transportation to and from the airport and between the hotel

         and radio station.

In the event of written cancellation by _________ less than 21 days

before the show, the entire contract amount is due and payable.

Only in the event Steve Christopher cancels the show or is unable to

arrive and perform is the deposit refundable. Steve Christopher will

not be held liable for any damages either implied or stated from

his inability to arrive and perform the show on the specified date.

In the event that Elvis On The Air is sponsored nationally,

____________ agrees to run the sponsor commercials during the

on-air show.

This agreement is entered into in good faith by both parties as

executed and witnessed this ____________ day of

________________________, 20 ____.

________________________  ________________________
Authorized Official                       Stephen D. Christopher

________________________  ________________________
Witness                                       Witness

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Elvis On The Air
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