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For more information call Stephen Christopher @ (334) 277-3166 or ElvisOnAir@aol.com


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The centerpiece of "Elvis On The Air" is Christopher’s "Stump the Expert" challenge, in which listeners try to request a Presley ditty that Christopher doesn’t have in his vast vaults. If stumped – which he never has been – Christopher promises to give away $50,000 in cash or prizes. Obscure songs and hit music, interviews and trivia round out the three-to four-hour show.

With more than 700 Presley songs on 40 pieces of vinyl and 120 CDs, Christopher seems to be unstumpable. However, he says that "there is always that X factor. I may very well have everything, but I still have to bring it to each station I visit."

In each market the station hosts an "Elvis On The Air" promotional party, though don’t expect Christopher to be donned in sequins and big sideburns. However, he will answer questions and give away such Presley merchandise as the board game Elvisopoly and tickets to Graceland.


E-mail Steve: ElvisOnAir@aol.com

Elvis On The Air
Stephen Christopher
9279 Harrington Circle              Montgomery, AL 36117
Phone: (334) 277-3166          Fax: (334) 260-9653

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